An interpreter plays a significant role in international talks. Interpreters are indispensable during conferences, contract negotiations or private matters. They work unobtrusively and make it possible for you to have a conversation that corresponds with your expectations. We work both over the phone and face to face.
 Our professional interpreters offer you a service that you can rely on, and they are always available.


Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is a highly specialized area of interpreting, which requires accurate and complete interpreting, orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker, with only a few seconds of lag time.  Simultaneous interpreters must have, not only complete mastery of the languages, but also of their cultures.  In addition, they must have technical knowledge of the subject to be discussed, as well as the required simultaneous interpretation training, skill, and experience.However, even the best simultaneous interpreters cannot do a proper job unless they have appropriate equipment.  Therefore, simultaneous  interpretation must be approached as a coherent whole.  This means that interpreters and interpretation equipment must be selected and designed to work together for the specific interpretation project.  


Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits with the delegates, listens to the speech and renders it, at the end, in a different language, generally with the aid of notes. In the modern world consecutive interpreting has been largely replaced by simultaneous, but it remains relevant for certain kinds of meetings (e.g. highly technical meetings, working lunches, small groups, field trips).Well-trained interpreters can render speeches of 10 minutes or more with great accuracy.  ConfidentialityOur interpreters have already signed our confidential agreement when they join our team through registering with us. We would safely dispose of any confidential materials or follow your exact way of disposal.Moreover, we would be glad to sign an additonal confidential agreement you may provide.    FeeWe can offer a wide range interpreting fees according to the level and type of interpreting.. We therefore wish to discuss with you the bespoke requirement so that we can meet your budget.


Tour Guide 

We provide you a Japanese speaking guide who entertains you or your Japanese guests with a guided tour of London or an excursion into the surrounding countryside with your own personal driver. Our guide is a Blue Badge Guide, registered with the Institute of Tourist Guiding. You will definitely have an interesting, fun tour when you are in the company of an experienced Blue Badge Driver-Guide. Flexibility is the key and the best part is that YOU dictate the speed and content of the tour, easily changed on a whim or the weather, so it doesn't turn into a teeth-gritting marathon - after all, this is your holiday.Britain's rich cultural heritage has many interesting facets to offer. London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, rich in history, pageantry and architecture, with many historic buildings, monuments, famous museums, art galleries, restaurants, theatres, clubs and varied nightlife.


Japanese speaking guide price

Half day from 200 pounds

Full day from 300 pounds