Japanese Specialists

Unlike translators in European languages, professional Japanese translators are rare and expensive. Over 25 years we have associated to this language and gathered and short listed more than 300 Japanese professionals on our database.


Affordable high-quality

Our translators are selected from our extensive database not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise in translating technical documents.

Our translators work in their mother tongue.


Not only are we professional in any fields of Japanese but also we manage to cut our fees down to meet your budget. We are daily striving for reducing costs and passing these benefits onto our clients. Should you have tight budget, feel free to speak to us.

It is because of our excellent cost-performance that most Japanese companies in Europe have used our service in the past.


Non-Japanese Languages

Having worked in translation business we have also gathered many non-Japanese professionals to provide you with translation services in most European languages.


Rapid Delivery

It is ideal to use one translator to complete due to its uniformity. However to meet seemingly impossible delivery date, we set up a team of translators, who are networked through its team leader to maintain its quality.


Why not try our no-obligation quote and take advantage of first-time discount? We are offering further discount for new clients.


Our standard fee        (Most agencies do not dare to publish)         

English into Japanese            120 pounds per 1,000 word of original English       

Japanese into English            100 pounds per 1,000 characters of original Japanese         

Other languages         80 pounds per 1,000words of original language